Dr. Emily Courville


Meet Dr. Emily Courville, a passionate veterinarian whose love for animals began at a young age. Hailing from Rayne, Louisiana, Dr. Courville’s childhood dreams always centered around helping animals. After high school at Notre Dame, she pursued her undergraduate and veterinary education at LSU.

Dr. Courville’s journey took a significant turn when she joined the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, where she immersed herself in teaching students and working in emergency medicine. This experience proved invaluable, shaping her into the dedicated veterinarian she is today.

Guided by a mentor in Baton Rouge, Dr. Courville found her way to Carson Animal Hospital in Lafayette. The warm and happy atmosphere, coupled with the evident quality of medicine and a cohesive team, convinced Dr. Courville that she had found the perfect fit within 10 minutes of being in the building.

Today, Dr. Courville is living her childhood dream, helping animals every day at Carson Animal Hospital. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and finding the right place to make dreams come true.