Dr. Erica Fontenot


Dr. Erica Fontenot brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to our team at Carson Animal Hospital. Despite not having a lifelong calling for veterinary care, Dr. Fontenot discovered her love for animals while majoring in Biology at LSU. A job at a boarding facility affirmed her passion, leading her to a pivotal role at a vet clinic that solidified her career choice.
As a certified veterinary acupuncturist through Chi University, Dr. Fontenot specializes in herbal therapy and integrative medicine. Her expertise covers a broad spectrum, addressing issues such as arthritis, back injuries, kidney disease, heart disease, seizures, and strokes. She finds fulfillment in applying these techniques to diverse aspects of veterinary care.

A significant career opportunity arose when Dr. Fontenot and Dr. Corville graduated together. Dr. Corville, recognizing Dr. Fontenot’s skills, offered her a position at a new location. Despite the initial nerve-wracking experience of starting afresh, Dr. Fontenot found a welcoming and supportive team in her new environment.
What Dr. Fontenot values most about her role as a vet is the relationships she fosters—with both the pets and their owners. Understanding the trust required when caring for someone's cherished furry companion, Dr. Fontenot excels at building these trusting connections. Her dedication lies in making a positive impact on the lives of animals and their human companions alike.