Dr. Kelsie Marks


Meet Dr. Kelsey Marks, the newest veterinarian at Carson Animal Hospital. Born and raised in Lafayette, it was always clear that she would return home after school. Dr. Marks developed an intense love for animals during her upbringing, and it wasn't until she delved into science, biology, and medicine that she realized her profound passion for both animals and medicine.
Despite warnings in school about not getting too accustomed to advanced equipment, Dr. Marks found herself at Carson Animal Hospital, equipped with the same cutting-edge tools she used at LSU.

This allows her to provide top-tier medicine, practicing at the highest level possible. Within just five minutes of being at Carson Animal Hospital, Dr. Marks knew in her heart that it was the perfect place for her.
The longstanding staff is a testament to the excellent working environment, making it an awesome place to work. Dr. Marks is thrilled by the fantastic clientele and has already formed positive connections with every client she has met. As you step through the doors, the staff's genuine excitement to see you, regardless of who you are or what pet you're bringing, is a special experience. It's as if they miss the pets, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that Dr. Marks finds truly special.