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Support Staff


Amy Addison

Practice Manager

Working with animals has been my passion since I was very young. I grew up on a farm here in Lafayette and always knew my favorite place to be was outside with our animals. I started with Carson Vet Clinic in October of 2017 and have been a technician for almost 18 years. I explored Arkansas and worked there for 10 years and then decided to move back home to my roots. I am also a musician have studied percussion and voice since I was 4.  Working with animals brings immense joy and being a voice for them is extremely important, I feel as humans it is our duty to care for them as best we can. I love being outside and spending cuddle time with my Shih-Tzu named Wicket and my very spunky cat named Piper. 

Customer Care


Cecile Anzaluda


Hi, I'm Cecile Anzaldua. My family and I live in Mire La. We have two dogs, two horses and two calves. Our animals or considered part of our family. I have been working at Carson Animal Hospital as a Receptionist for 3 years. My favorite part about my work day is greeting all our clients and their babies. My favorite color is blue and I love dogs and horses. When im not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and watching movies, my favorite is Heartland. My favorite memory at Carson is when someone brought in a dog that had been missing from his original owners for 10 years. We were able to finally reunite this dog with his family. It was an amazing moment!


Nancy Bellard


I retired as a Legal Assistant and decided to further use my time as a Veterinary Receptionist. I started with Carson Vet Clinic in August of 2017 and work with them part time while still enjoying my retirement. I love learning and working with our doctors and staff towards the best outcome for our clients and patients. I graduated proudly from LSU-E and am a member of CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children. I also enjoy gardening, traveling and any outdoor activities. I have a beautiful Lab named Remi and a Long-Haired Dachshund named Ray.


Kristen Gurski


Joining the team in November of 2018, Kristen is excited about being in the veterinary profession! She loves helping others and enjoys being a part of our positive work environment. Along with bringing 10 years of great customer service she is currently enrolled at Purdue University studying the online Veterinary Nursing Program.

She is married to a loving husband, Jason, and they have 2 beautiful children. While hanging with her family she also enjoys cooking, running, and yoga. They have 3 fur-babes, 2 cats named Kiki and Mr. Kitty, and a Rotty named Marley.


Logan Aucoin


I have worked at Carson Animal Hospital for 3 months. My favorite thing about working at Carson is learning! I am very passionate about animals and I want to learn everything that I can to help them. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animals are Cats and Dogs, so im in the right business. When im not working I enjoy watching movies, my favorite is The Incredibles. I also love playing video games and watching anime. My favorite memory at Carson was when a good samaritan brought in a stray to be microchipped. We found a chip and were able to get in touch with the owners. The dog had been missing for weeks. I have never seen a person or dog happier, than the day they were reunited. I cant wait to make more fond memories at Carson Animal Hospital. 

Hospital Care

blaine carson animal hospital

Blaine Cade

Veterinary Technician

My career as a technician is an accumulated 9 years. I started as an assistant in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Soon after I moved to California and became a technician in Malibu. It was an intense and exciting place to work.  Originally, I’m from St. Martinville and recently moved back to the area. I started at Carson Vet Clinic in July of 2018 and am happy to be helping those that need help but have difficulty asking. I really enjoy meeting all the owners and their fuzzy friends. When I’m not working I’m probably constructing some art piece or enjoying nature. I like exploring places that deal in junk and lost toys. Also, I have Rottweiler/Bloodhound Mix named Josie, she is very demanding and lets me know when I’m slacking in my duties as her human!

Tyler carson animal hospital

Tyler Perck

Veterinary Technician

I have lived in Lafayette for a little over 6 years. I am originally from Dallas, TX. I’ve had a passion for animals since I was a baby. I am borderline obsessed with dogs! I have a dachshund named Bentley and a named Mabel. I have a love for all kinds of creatures! My favorite color is pink and my favorite animal is a dog. When im not working, I enjoy gardening, reading or watching my favorite movie Steel Magnolias. I have been working for Dr. Carson since May of 2012. My favorite part about working at Carson Animal Hospital is getting to make special bonds with the clients and their pets. 


Mindy Holland

Veterinary Technician

I have been in the veterinary industry for over 9 years. Originally a native of Louisiana, I moved to Texas to further pursue my career. Graduating in the top of my class, I obtained an Associate of Applied Science at the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and became a Licensed Vet Tech in 2014. I love using my abilities to provide the best care for critical patients. I have been a licensed Veterinary Technician at Carson for 1 year. I love developing relationships with clients and patients while practicing the best quality medicine. My favorite color is teal, and I love my 2 pugs Maggie Mae, and Agnes! My favorite pastime is watching the office with my husband or spending quality time with my daughter. My favorite part about working at Carson is anytime we get to save lives with more specialized medicine and advanced techniques. I am proud member of the NAVTA – National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.


Katelyn Suire

Veterinary Technician

I have been working at Carson Animal Hospital for almost a year. My favorite part about working at Carson is seeing all of the kitten and puppy first visits. I could snuggle them all day. My favorite color is pearl white. My favorite animal is my dog Benny, he is a Australian Shepard. When im not at work I love watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas Films. I also love cleaning and organizing spaces. My favorite memory of working at Carson was aiding in the recovery of a puppy that was diagnosed with Parvovirus. He was the cutest blue bulldog, and it was amazing to watch him get better each day. 


Cecilie McDuffie

Veterinary Technician

I have been working at Carson Animal Hospital since February 2020 as a Veterinary Technician. My favorite part about working at Carson is learning and seeing new things. I love being able to help find solutions when treating pets that are sick or hurt. I also love the elderly pets that come in, and enjoy giving them extra love and attention. My favorite animal is a seal and favorite color is purple. When im not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family on the water, watching Harry Potter, and cooking. My favorite memory is when I got really close to a patient and their mom. In the final days of the patient's life, I comforted the owner and was able to be there for her during that tough time.